Admissions policy


Overall approach

UTC Bolton will provide school places to young people of all abilities aged between 14 and 19. It will offer a combined academic and technical curriculum. UTC Bolton  will be non-selective but expects students will want to learn about and be interested in careers in health sciences and engineering technologies.

Applications will be made through the Bolton local authority’s co-ordinated admissions scheme or directly to UTC Bolton. UTC Bolton places will be allocated in line with the local Fair Access Protocol and will comply with the School Admissions Code and the School Admission Appeal Code (the Codes). These proposals are based on the current codes but will be reviewed in the light of any future changes in the law.


Entry points

Students may enter UTC Bolton at Year 10 and Year 12


Published admission number

UTC Bolton opened in September 2015 and admits the following numbers of students before reaching capacity at 600 places (150 students per year group) by 2017/18.

  2015 2016 2017 2018
Year 10 120 150 150 150
Year 11 120 150 150
Year 12 120 150 150 150
Year 13 120 150 120
Total Students 240 540 600 600


The Year 12 published admissions number by academic year will be as follows:

• 120 pupils in 2015

• 150 pupils in 2016

• 150 pupils in 2017

• 150 pupils in 2018

At the end of Year 11 existing UTC Bolton students who meet the minimum entry requirements will have an automatic right of transfer to the post-16 section of UTC Bolton. New entrant places will be determined according to the number of students transferring and places available.

It therefore follows that if less than 150 of the school’s own Year 11 pupils transfer into Year 12 then external pupils will be admitted until Year 12 meets its capacity.

UTC Bolton is also open to applications from outside the sub-region – applications will be treated as if they reside in the nearest district to them.


Special Educational Needs

Until capacity is reached, all pupils with statements of Special Educational Needs (SEN), where UTC Bolton is named on the statement (and where minimum entry requirements are met for Year 12 entry) will be admitted.

Admissions to post-14 (Year 10)

Applications will be made through the Bolton local authority’s co-ordinated admissions scheme. The timetable for this is below.


Admissions to post-16 (Year 12) provision

Applications for Year 12 entry (post-16) will be made directly to the UTC Bolton.  All internal applicants who meet the entry criteria will automatically be offered places and will be given priority over students transferring from other schools.

To be eligible for entry into Year 12 of UTC Bolton, both internal and external students will be expected to have met the minimum academic entry requirements of 5 GCSE passes at A*-B grades.

There may be additional requirements to follow specific routes or courses and UTC Bolton will publish this specific criteria for post-16 provision (based on GCSE grades and/or other measures of prior attainment, individual character and personal circumstances) in its prospectus and on its website.


Oversubscription criteria

Where the number of applications for admission to UTC Bolton is greater than the published admission number, and after the admission of pupils with SEN statements that name UTC Bolton, the following process will apply:

Criterion 1: Children in Public Care (looked after children and adopted children who were previously in care under a special guardianship or resident order)

Criterion 2: Siblings of students enrolled at UTC Bolton at the time of the application

Criterion 3: Remaining places will be allocated by distance from UTC Bolton.  Distance will be measured using electronic measurement, by a straight line from the front door of the student’s home address to the front door of UTC Bolton using computer software.

All processes of random allocation under these arrangements will be supervised by someone independent of the UTC Bolton.



Unsuccessful applicants will have a right of appeal to an Independent Appeals Panel. The appeals process will conform to the School Admission Appeals Code and will be binding on all parties. The appeals panel will follow the arrangements generally adopted for all schools in the Local Authority, with panel members independent of UTC Bolton, parents and young people being offered guidance and invited to attend the panel.

Full details of these arrangements are at:


Waiting lists

Where in any year UTC Bolton receives more eligible applications than there are places available, a waiting list will be maintained by UTC Bolton until the end of the first term, after the start of the school year.

It will be open to any parent to ask for their child’s name to be placed on the waiting list. If and when places become available they will be allocated to those on the waiting list in line with the oversubscription criteria.


Management of applications

For both age groups applications will align to the Bolton local authority’s timetable for applications each year. Arrangements will include:

  • Publication of a prospectus by September each year containing information for applications wishing to join UTC Bolton the following September, including admissions arrangements and details of open evenings and opportunities to visit UTC Bolton. These details will also be made available for inclusion  in the combined information published by all the local authorities covered by UTC admissions;
  • Application forms for first round of applications will be provided for return by 31st January to the Local Authority (for Y10 entry) or UTC Bolton (for Y12 entry) by 31 January; and;
  •  Decisions on applications submitted before 31st January will be made from February and notified to parents by 1st March, and applicants’ home local authorities, after 1st March. Decisions on applications submitted after 31st January will be made within a period of one month from the application submission date.

The application and notification dates may vary in line with any timetable variations to application processes made by the Local Authority.


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