Acting Principal and Interim Chief Executive’s Welcome

On behalf of us all here at University Technical College Bolton, welcome to our website where you can navigate across a vast selection of information regarding our background, open days, how to apply and any vacancies that we have. I feel honoured and privileged to do so as I am immeasurably proud to lead and be a part of the learning community here.

Our primary focus is to achieve a consistent and outstanding technical and academic education for 14 – 19 year olds, assisting each individual to fulfil their potential and more through personalised learning, clear goals, and close monitoring. We are developing the next generation of professionals and entrepreneurs here at UTC Bolton; all by allowing our students to revel in the freedom to develop as young adults in taking increased responsibility for their own lives and work within the secure environment of a school with stellar facilities and a committed teaching team. Our academic curriculum including separate science GCSEs, and A Levels that are highly regarded by leading Universities, combined with our existing (and growing) number of work placements and seats at leading medical, dental and engineering schools or companies, equips our students with the key skills and experiences to achieve success not just at, but also beyond, the UTC.

We work tirelessly to utilize the three-way relationship between the school, the student and the family by exhibiting transparency and leading by example. The welfare and development of our staff is paramount to successfully developing our students – that is why all teaching staff receive two hours of pedagogy and practice training on a weekly basis. Our mantra is ‘Outstanding – everyone… everything… every time’, and we truly believe that this reflects our efforts in achieving the best out of each individual. It reminds all stakeholders that nothing less than outstanding is acceptable for the students entrusted in our care. By ensuring uniform outstanding standards at the UTC, we have established the ideal surroundings to reap success.

I am thrilled to be Acting Principal & interim Chief Executive of UTC Bolton and I especially appreciate its past and present in order to ensure a progressive future. The school is a special place that is diverse, fast paced, and optimistic, with professional staff that are fully vested in the overall prosperity of the school and its individuals. If you believe that you could thrive in this environment, then UTC Bolton could very well be the perfect place for you.


Liam McDaid
Acting Principal & interim Chief Executive