Enrolment Days

Enrolment Pack

  • Enrolment Letter                                                                                             Download

The forms are:

  • Your 2016 Enrolment Form                                                                            2016-Enrolment-form
  • Responsible Internet, E-mail & ICT Network Use                                          Responsible-Internet-E-mail-Network-Use
  • Our Partnership Agreement                                                                           Partnership-Agreement-2016
  • Our Essential Guide to UTC Bolton                                                               Essential-Guide
  • Attendance Booklet                                                                                        Download

Please complete all the forms and return to us at your enrolment appointment. The appointments will last approximately 10 minutes. It will provide our team with an opportunity to run through your paperwork, answer any last minute questions you may have, as well as have your student ID photograph taken.

Year 10 Enrolment Days


Year 12 Enrolment Days


You will have the chance to view the state-of-the-art facilities in the building and speak with some of the teaching staff here at UTC Bolton

Enrolment Form

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