Medical Series: A week in the life of… is it really like pulling teeth

1 October 2015 at 17:30
Professor Avijit Banerjee
PAvi Dec 2013rofessor Avijit Banerjee holds a personal chair in Cariology & Operative Dentistry at King’s College London Dental Institute at Guy’s Hospital, London, UK. He is also a Consultant and Clinical Lead in Restorative Dentistry, where he specialises in the oral & dental rehabilitation of patients suffering from head and neck cancer. He is a internationally renowned researcher (with grant income >£1 million,>100 publications, and to date research supervisor to 10 doctorate students and 15 master  students from all over the world) and a sought-after lecturer and key opinion leader. Avijit has pioneered and is programme director of his own masters programme at the Dental Institute. He has authored several important textbooks in his field, is an editor of a European dental journal and holds senior executive positions in the British Dental Association. He continues to maintain private specialist dental practice in several clinics in and around London.

Prof Banerjee hopes to interest you in how he progressed in his career from his
beginnings at Bolton School (1974-1988) to his current position at KCL and will outline the amazing variety of disciplines he has responsibility for: specialist clinical patient treatment, undergraduate and postgraduate education, scientific research and the dreaded administrative toll of helping to manage and run the largest dental school in the UK!
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