Our Promise

UTC Bolton offers a new experience of education for its students. Our commitment to teaching and learning are of the highest standards. Our expectations that all students will strive for success and will be supported by an education provision that ensures real life industry and public sector experience. We help you to develop a portfolio of industry and professional skills through an atmosphere of creative excitement, a genuine engagement with the pursuit of knowledge plus delivery of a full range of academic qualifications.

As a UTC, we aim to broker rather than just raise student aspirations to achieve this promise – on successful graduation, UTC Bolton guarantees for all its students a professional employment place, a university place or an apprenticeship. Student dreams and ambitions are our challenge and our promise.

The unique environment that is UTC Bolton specialising in health sciences and engineering technologies recognises that every student applying has the potential talent within these disciplines and that some students are gifted with abilities beyond their chronological age. Students choose UTC Bolton because they have a passion for health sciences and engineering technologies. It is this passion and interest that we use to act as a learning hook and so accelerate rates of academic progress ensuring that our unique promise of employment, an apprenticeship or university place is achieved.