Throughout their time at UTC Bolton students actively take part in a range of activities and talks which expose them to a range of professions, skills, employers and establishments.

As well as hearing from organisations who share the opportunities available, students also work with staff and external providers to develop their own employability skills and key technical skills during session such as Project Based Learning. These are further enhanced during subject lessons where students develop vital life and employability skills alongside their academic studies.

The UTC Careers Calendar highlights the events, activities and support that students are receiving throughout the year.

In addition to this programme we also have external careers advisors who will meet with your child to discuss and support them in their decisions and next steps. To support with this, we have recently started using an online resource called Start. This resources allows students and parents to access advice and guidance on the full range of careers and options available. I have included details of how you can register at home to start support your child. I have also included some basic labour market information for Bolton and the surrounding area which highlights growth industries and where future jobs will be.

We also believe that work placements (work experience) offer our students invaluable opportunities to experience and develop key employability skills. As well as supporting students in making key decisions about their future it also helps them to stand out from the crowd and demonstrate to universities and employers that they have the necessary skills and experience needed.

Work placements should take place with an employer or organisation within the local community. All work placements should be linked to the students chosen pathway and future career aspirations.

Careers Calendar 2018-19

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