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P R I N C I P A L ‘ S  U P D A T E
What a great week to work at UTC Bolton!
There have been lots of STEM events on this week that our Year 10’s have been taking
part in. We had a team that represented UTC Bolton at the University of Bolton’s
CAPE (Centre of Advanced Performance Engineering). The students achieved a judges
recognition trophy and worked well to be placed 3rd against other teams that have
taken part in the national competition for many years.

We had a group of students take up the opportunity to visit the Siemens factory and
learn about green powered racing cars.

You may have seen from the Bolton News on 29th January that UTC Bolton has been
selected to build our very own green powered racing car – Year 10 students will be
doing this as part of their PBL time in the next term.

On Wednesday we also learned that one of our Year 10 students won a STEM
competition. Saara developed a solution to a problem and as a result the judges were
so amazed by here carefully thought through idea that they will be presenting her with
some wearable technology in the next couple of weeks.

On Friday of this week we hosted the Vex Robotics competition here at school
bringing together schools from the North West to compete against other schools. This
is what working in a University Technical College is all about.
M R . L I A M M C D A I D

As a Supermoon launched us into a new month we look back to this
week in history when there was planet alignment visible from Earth
taking us back to the Sixties.


T H I S  WE E K  I N  H I S T O R Y
In 1962, the Sun, the Moon, and the five naked-eye visible planets –
Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn – were in conjunction.
Though not in a straight line along their orbital paths, as viewed in the
sky, they were within 16 degrees of each other (meaning all appeared
within a circle just 16 º across).

This conjunction coincided with a total solar eclipse, which made
viewing Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn possible for a brief
period of time from a small stretch of Earth where the eclipse’s shadow
hit. The five planets cluster together in the sky within a circle 25
degrees or less in diameter once every 57 years, on average. The next
time in the 21st century that this will happen is 8 Sep 2040

S T U D E N T  F O C U S
As part of the Year of Engineering a challenge called F1 in
Schools has been initiated and a selection of Year 10
students visited the National Centre for Motorsports
Engineering to compete against different schools in
development and presentation of their F1 projects.

After a full day of activities and scrutiny from the judges one
of UTC Bolton’s teams ‘Fast Fusion’ were placed 3rd in the
Development Challenge and also recieved the Judges
Recommendation for their work on the day.
Congratulations to Fast Fusion who came 3rd in the
Regional UK F1 for Schools competition.


Wednesday 7 February 2018
10C visit Sharples School to take part in the Bolton Technology

Saturday 10th February
Open Day – UTC Bolton opens its doors for an Open Day to
welcome potential applicants for a tour of the building.

Friday 9th February
Ask Professionals
Pharmacy careers discussion in C35 12.30pm