Parent Focus Group

Terms of Reference




  • To enable parents to participate in discussions and share their opinions on a range of whole school issues.
  • To provide a forum for parents to contribute to whole school discussions alongside other stakeholders i.e. the Senior Leadership Team, pupils, governors and staff.
  • To promote harmonious working partnerships within the community of UTC Bolton.
  • To support the school



  • The focus group will consist of parents of children currently attending UTC Bolton, the Principal and Senior Leadership Team.



  • The Parent Focus Group will meet 3 times per year at a mutually convenient time.
  • An agenda will be disseminated before each meeting and minutes published following each meeting on the UTC Website.


Dates Parent Forum

Academic Year 2016/7


14th February 2017 5.30pm


4th & 5th April 2017 5-7pm


12th June 2017 6pm



Academic Year 2017/8


14th November 2017


12th March 2017


22nd May 2017


Impact of the Parents’ Forum to date:


Change of timing from 5.50pm – 6pm

Introduced a new Text Messaging Service

Created a new section of the UTC Bolton Website for Parent forum

Introduced Coffee Mornings for Ad-hoc Parent Engagement


Would you like to have a further impact on Our UTC? Then please attend the next Parent Forum