All Students:

  • Headscarves/hijab/headwear worn for religious reasons must be black, grey or navy.
  • Stud Earrings only. No other piercings are permitted.
  • No jewellery. This includes rings and bracelets.
  • Subtle make up is permitted. No unnatural eyelashes.
  • UTC lanyard and ID pass must be worn at all times.
  • No coats or jackets to be worn in the UTC building.
  • No extreme hair colour.
  • No jeans, tracksuit bottoms, leggings or jeggings are permitted.
  • No shorts.
  • No caps/hats.
  • Black school shoes only. Trainers, pumps and high heels are not permitted.

UTC Bolton reserves the right to make individual decisions about the suitability of your appearance and will advise you if your appearance is not suitable.

 Any students who do not have the correct uniform, or a note from parents to explain why, will complete a recall after school unless it is rectified.

Years 7-11  – UTC Uniform with blazer

UCS uniform can be purchased from Smart Clothing in Bolton, please find prices and discounts below:

Smart clothing flyer 1

Smart clothing flyer 2

  • UCS blazer purchased from Smart Clothing.
  • UCS tie purchased from Smart Clothing.
  • Plain white collared shirt/blouse to be tucked inside of trousers or skirt.
  • Plain charcoal grey, or black trousers or skirts. Skirts must be at a respectful and appropriate length.
  • Plain black/grey tights with no pattern may be worn.
  • Plain black or grey pullover jumper may be worn.


PE Kit

  • Years 7 and 9 must purchase full UCS PE kit from Smart Clothing.
  • Year 10 and 11 students are expected to wear appropriate sports kit, and are encouraged to buy full UCS PE kit when replacing previously worn kits.
  • Suitable training shoes must be worn– No canvas pumps, converse etc.

Year 12 and 13 – Smart casual

  • Students must dress in smart casual attire.
  • Collared shirt/blouse (ties are optional).
  • Smart trousers or plain black jeans.
  • Smart dresses or skirts must be at a respectful and appropriate length.
  • Plain jumper or turtleneck jumper.
  • Sensible footwear of plain black trainers, pumps or smart shoes, must be worn. Converse and coloured trainers are not permitted.
  • Light blue, or ripped jeans, leggings, hoodies and tracksuit bottoms are not permitted.
  • No caps or hats are permitted.
  • No facial piercings are permitted.
  • UTC lanyard and ID pass must be worn at all times.