Competition for university places and apprenticeship vacancies is fierce. Students need to demonstrate their independence in learning and skill development and a passion for their career, alongside their academic qualifications.

Our students have access to a careers platform careers software that provides students with clear, comprehensive and impartial information that’s always relevant to them. Connected to live labour market information and course data, ‘Start’, allows users to create a personal profile which generates suitable jobs, qualifications and new destinations to explore.

Our location within the University of Bolton campus gives students access to enviable resources and academic skills. Students also have access to both Bolton One (sports facilities) and the University of Bolton Library Services.

In addition, we access support from higher education institutions and programmes to support UCAS submissions. For example, our aspiring medics participated in the Medicus programme to improve their applications. We are building connections with local employers operating in the health sciences and engineering sectors.

Our aspiration is to collaborate with local employers to deliver Breakthrough specialist workshops, support project based learning and provide internships so that our students will develop a portfolio of experience that puts them first in the queue for a university place or apprenticeship vacancy.