In partnership with All Together, UTC Bolton launched a three-day Year 10 conference earlier this month called ‘Build My Future’. The theme for the first day was ‘Igniting Your Genius’ and it opened with an introductory assembly led by Amanda Sims, Director of All Together. The workshops focused on students discovering their talents and learning how to be a positive change maker, and included a talk by Richard Flanagan, founder of a print on demand t-shirt company called Tshirtify.

The theme for the second day was ‘being response-able’ and involved an introductory assembly from Rachel Dodgson from the Parliament Education Service and a talk from a Medicine student and STEM Ambassador. The morning workshop looked at elections, voting and campaigning for change, whilst in the afternoon students explored what type of leader they are and how they work as a team.

The final day of the conference looked at how to stand out in the crowd. Students learnt about the further education and apprenticeship options available to them, received CV and student finance advice, had the opportunity to research their ideal job and attended a careers talk completed by a science teacher and STEM ambassador. Daniel Halenko from Bellit Security also ran a workshop on how to get hired.

A huge thank you to All Together for their help in launching the conference and for inspiring our students!

“We’ve had an awesome 3 days at UTC Bolton [teaching students about] interviews, skills, talent dynamics, CVs, STEM, employers, projects, leadership, CEIAG FE&HE and a growth mindset” – Hayley Lancaster, All Together